UFC star Joanna Jedrzejczyk takes columnist soul for humiliating provocation,FORMER UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk is significantly more murderous outside the Octagon than she’s broadly been inside the MMA place of torment.

The Polish weapon demonstrated it when she altogether embarrassed a Russian UFC journalist inciting her for input encompassing one month from now’s blockbuster UFC229 card — featured by Conor McGregor’s arrival battle against lightweight victor Khabib Nurmagomedov on October 7.

Jedrzejczyk was in the house for Mark Hunt’s misfortune to Aleksei Oleinik at UFC Fight Night 136 in Russia on Sunday morning (AEST) — and even three weeks out, McGregor-Nurmagomedov was the subject at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts.

Jedrzejczyk was gotten some information about her expectations for McGregor’s arrival battle, where she was not able part the two stars and rather pronounced she can’t yet anticipate a champ.”I’m fifty-fifty,” she said.”I’m a major aficionado of Conor, and I’m a major fanatic of Khabib. Two unique styles.”As you saw, I never anticipate a battle. I don’t prefer to foresee the battles. Individuals can do that. They can foresee my battles, however I never do that.”Everything without exception can occur in the battle. This is unquestionably the battle of, what, similar to the century? In MMA. So I can’t hold up to watch two extraordinary warriors battling each other. I’m 50/50.”It obviously wasn’t the appropriate response the youthful correspondent was searching for.


A couple of inquiries later, he pushed Jedrzejczyk to discuss McGregor’s ongoing conduct outside the Octagon — which incorporates his capture and court appearance for assaulting Nurmagomedov’s transport amid a media appearance in New York prior this year.Still endeavoring to incite a lascivious answer out of the Polish star, the journalist got some information about McGregor’s two-year nonattendance from the Octagon.He would come to think twice about it.Obviously tired, Jedrzejczyk pulled the columnist before the camera and requesting that he slag-off McGregor as opposed to endeavoring to draw her to do likewise.”What? Would you like to affront Conor McGregor here,” she inquired.”You need to affront him? Alright, come here. Affront Conor McGregor before the camera. What do you think about him? C’mon. Be straightforward.”

The correspondent reacted by saying: “He’s a decent warrior, yet not more”.Jedrzejczyk at that point cut him off and stated: “alright, would he say he wasn’t a hero in two distinctive weight classes? Is it accurate to say that he is just talking or would he say he is doing stuff?””No he is doing stuff,” the journalist at that point conceded.

Having effectively won the contention, Jedrzejczyk at that point continued to jab fun of the journalist’s vocation and reprimanded him for endeavoring to affront McGregor.It is much more ungainly on camera.The clumsy trade comes only one day after McGregor additionally needed to close down a faultfinder of his ongoing style shows.

McGregor invested significant time from his preparation administration to slapdown a fan who focused on the previous victor on Instagram.

Conor I gotta ask what in the hellfire are you wearin nowadays,” one fan remarked on McGregor’s Instagram post.Buried route down in the remarks was McGregor’s sizzling strike.”I likewise recommend you attempt a 12-week course on my McGregor FAST program, on the off chance that I was you,” he composed.”It will help with boosting testosterone normally, shedding fat and building muscle. Diminishing the estrogen I can see which has developed in you, which I can envision is causing wild emotional episodes and low sex drive.”In the event that you have a lady additionally I am accepting no children starting at yet. This program will help with building you up to make genuine ground-breaking posterity.”